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    Our core team is supported by an academic advisory board, which consists of two leading researchers in financial economics. Both of them have used the event study methodology in dozens of research papers. With their rich experience and methodological expertise, they help us to improve Event Study Metrics further – meet our advisory board:

    Douglas Cumming, J.D., Ph.D., CFA, is a Professor of Finance and Entrepreneurship and the Ontario Research Chair at the Schulich School of Business, York University. He is a Co-Editor of Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, and has been a guest editor for 12 special issues of top journals.

    His research interests include venture capital, private equity, hedge funds, mutual funds, entrepreneurship, and law and finance. He has published over 110 articles in leading refereed academic journals in finance, management, and law and economics, such as the Journal of Financial Economics, Review of Financial Studies, Journal of International Business Studies and the Journal of Empirical Legal Studies. He is the coauthor of Venture Capital and Private Equity Contracting (Elsevier Academic Press, 2nd Edition, 2013), and Hedge Fund Structure, Regulation and Performance around the World (Oxford University Press, 2013). He is the Editor of the Oxford Handbook of Entrepreneurial Finance (Oxford University Press, 2013), the Oxford Handbook of Private Equity (Oxford University Press, 2013), and the Oxford Handbook of Venture Capital (Oxford University Press, 2013). In addition, he serves on the editorial board of several leading academic journals, such as the Journal of Business Venturing, the Journal of Banking & Finance, and European Financial Management.

    Douglas is a research associate with a number of institutions around the world, including Capital Markets CRC (Sydney), Cambridge University ESRC Center for Business Research (Cambridge UK), and the Center for Financial Studies (Frankfurt). Also, he has consulted for a variety of governmental and private organizations in Australasia, Europe, and North America.

    Marc Goergen holds an BSc in Economics from the Free University of Brussels (ULB) and an MBA in European Business from Solvay Business School, Brussels. He completed his DPhil in Economics at Keble College, University of Oxford. He has held appointments at the University of Manchester, UMIST, the University of Reading and the University of Sheffield. He currently holds a chair in finance at Cardiff Business School, Cardiff University. 

    His main research interests are in corporate governance and corporate control, initial public offerings, corporate investment models, mergers and acquisitions, insider trading, human capital issues across corporate governance systems and dividend policy. He has papers published in a number of academic journals, including European Financial Management, the Journal of Corporate Finance, the Journal of Finance, the Journal of Financial Intermediation and the Journal of Law, Economics & Organization. He has also written two books on corporate governance and has contributed chapters to several edited books. Marc serves on the editorial board of several leading academic journals, such as the Journal of Banking & Finance, the Journal of Corporate Finance, and European Financial Management.

    Marc is a fellow of the European Corporate Governance Institute and the International Institute of Corporate Governance and Accountability based at the Law School of the George Washington University, USA.